With spring fast-approaching, you may be eager to dust off the cobwebs and crack open your windows for some fresh air. The beginning of spring is a time for rejuvenation and a fresh start, a time in which many people like to do some spring cleaning and organization to rid their homes of unwanted clutter and dust bunnies. Homes tend to build up the most dust during the colder months when windows remain shut and we wear heavy clothing and sweaters and use more blankets. Your allergies will also thank you for a heavy duty dusting job! The clutter you collect during the cold months may create the need for self storage. Stor-All is happy to offer the following cleaning and organization tips as you prepare for springtime.

Dusting – If you do light dusting on the regular, consider doing a thorough, deep dusting of your entire home, from the fans, to the blinds, to the ceiling, all the way down to the baseboards. Be sure to get into every nook and cranny and dust around any decorative knick knacks you may have displayed throughout your home. Keep in mind that Pledge is a great cleaning product when it comes to dusting and can be used on multiple surfaces.

Carpet – Your carpets and rugs are breeders of dust and germs. Yuck! If dust flies around your house, think about where it is likely to land – your floor! – and if the flooring is carpet or a rug, then the dust will likely stick to it. Periodic vacuuming may help, but over time, dust and dirt build up and you should have your carpet and rugs professionally steam-cleaned. If you want to save a few bucks, you can rent a carpet cleaner from Home Depot and do it yourself.

Window Washing – To get rid of the winter muck, especially if you’ve received a lot of heavy snow, it’s important to wash your windows. You should clean them on the inside with Windex and paper towels or a microfiber rag and on the outside with soap and water or even the outdoor window washing formula by Windex. It is also smart to remove the screens and clean out any dust or dirt particles that may be trapped.

Patio – Whether you have a little front porch or a sprawling backyard patio, winter weather definitely takes its toll on outdoor living space. If you didn’t think to cover or store your outdoor furniture, then you may have some deep cleaning to do. You should hose off the entire outdoor area, possibly even pressure clean, if it is not damaging to the surface. You will thank yourself for cleaning your patio once you see how great the weather is!

While the above cleaning procedures may not be the type you do on a regular basis, it is necessary to do it after winter so that you can have a fresh home for spring! Also, if you find that you’ve accumulated an excess amount of “stuff,” come to Stor-All Storage and we can provide you with a clean storage unit!