Stor-All Storage launches its groundbreaking “Loc-all Good” initiative to promote goodness in the hyper-local markets of its 44 self-storage properties.

Deerfield Beach, Florida, – Stor-All Storage, a goodness driven family storage business, has founded Loc-all Good to promote goodness in the hyper-local markets of its 44 self storage properties. What makes Stor-All’s Loc-all Good different from previous attempts by businesses to encourage community involvement and charitable work by their employees is Stor-All’s willingness to pay its team members when they do so.

Managing Partner of Stor-All, Jeff Anderson, comments, “Stor-All employs the beliefs and values of family to nurture our people with a sense of belonging, security, confidence and freedom to provide authentic service to all. Our behavior is guided by what we believe. We demonstrate our beliefs by dealing with others as we would have them deal with us. Stor-All’s Loc-all Good initiative is a demonstration of these beliefs. Every Stor-All team member is allocated a certain number of Loc-all Good paid hours each month to encourage them to participate in the goodness efforts taking in place in their store’s hyper-local market. We believe Loc-all Good will enrich both the ethos of our people as individuals and Stor-All as an organization.”

Loc-all Good’s logo is a circle containing three graphic images that represent a local community’s environment, goodness-based organizations and compassionate needs. In other words, Loc-all Good wants to represent all facets of community involvement, not limiting itself to one particular charity or type of volunteering. Loc-all Good is the logical next step by Stor-All in support of the efforts made by many Stor-All members who have been actively involved in supporting their communities’ local good for years.

Stor-All’s long term strategic plans for Loc-all Good include development of a Loc-all Good website that can serve as a source of information and promotion of local goodness efforts. The ultimate goal is the possibility of allowing others to join in hopes of establishing a nationwide network of affiliated Loc-all Good companies and organizations.

Stor-All Storage is a goodness driven family business founded in 1967, operating 44 storage locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado from its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL. Stor-All is a fully integrated self-storage company providing real estate brokerage, asset selection, underwriting, construction, development, property management and investor relations services to its individual investment partnerships.