Decorating eggs for Easter is a popular tradition that dates way back in time. Everybody is familiar with the dye kits sold in grocery stores and drug stores all over, but did you know that there are other ways to dye and decorate your Easter eggs? You can find these decorating ideas and similar ones on Pinterest.

Sharpie markers – For a less messy and inexpensive way to decorate your eggs, you can doodle on them with Sharpie markers. Whether you opt for a black and white theme or a multitude of colors from the big pack, you can make some beautiful and intricate designs that you can’t do with dye.

Natural dyeing – To go “au natural and sans chemical,” you can use food to dye your eggs. The colors come out beautiful and far different than the shades you would get from using artificial, boxed dye. Natural dye is made from fruits, veggies, herbs, teas, vinegar and other natural ingredients. Better Homes and Gardens has some great natural dye recipes.

Kool-Aid – Kool-Aid works as a great dyeing agent if you are looking for bright and bold colors. The color of the Kool-Aid is pretty much the color your egg will be once it’s dyed. This is a great way to dye eggs if you also plan on eating them.

Glitzy – If you want your eggs to sparkle and shimmer, you can bedazzle them with jewels or douse them in glitter. All you need is a little Elmer’s Glue and your choice of bling and your eggs are ready to shine! Keep in mind that you will not want to eat these eggs.

However you choose to decorate your Easter eggs, we hope you have fun doing it. Happy Easter from the Stor-All Family!