We all know how fast a closet can turn into a jumbled mess of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Let’s be honest; was your closet ever so jam-packed that you forgot you had certain clothes? I’m guilty of that. Whether you have a decent size walk-in closet, a tiny dorm room closet or an enormous closet the size of a bedroom, there is a way to organize everything in it. This will not only make your life easier, but you will be able to keep track of all your apparel, actually knowing what you have.  Here are some closet organization tips.

Categorize – Take the time to sort through your clothes and hang them by category – pants, shirts, skirts, jackets, etc. From there you can break it down even further – dress pants, casual pants, jeans and shorts. For shirts you can break it down by tees, blouses, dress shirts, tanks tops and long-sleeved shirts.

Color coordinate – If you really want to take the categorizing to the next level, you can arrange your clothes by color (Yes, I have done this!). This makes for a very visually appealing closet. It also allows you to see what colors you have the most of. It might make you realize that you could use a few extra red shirts in your wardrobe!

Folding – There are some items that do best when folded like t-shirts, workout clothing and most sweaters. Some sweaters you could probably get away with hanging, but the really soft and thin ones should be folded so that the necks of them don’t get stretched out from hangers.

Shoes – For the ladies, this is a very important part of the closet. Where to put all of those shoes? Well, there are a few ways you can store your shoes. If you want to preserve them, keep them stored in the shoeboxes they came in. This could also be a space saver since you can stack the shoeboxes. If you prefer a display of your shoes, you can buy shoe racks or cubbies. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Now keep in mind that if you simply run out of closet space, you can always come to Stor-All and rent a climate-controlled storage unit in the size of your choice for your very own walk-in closet.