Repurposing is a rapidly growing concept amongst the environmentally conscious, the economist, and the ever so popular DIY-ers. Why has repurposing become such a hot topic? It takes the importance of keeping perfectly good items out of the landfills while saving money by using what we already have. Not to mention, the repurposed look has become extremely trendy! You may just be surprised what a little paint can do.

Why should you give repurposing a try? 

  • Break your “lets just toss it” habit. Fix it, repurpose it, recycle it or donate. Mother earth will thank you!
  • Creating something with your own two hands creates a sense of accomplishment while adding a sentimental attachment to your new creation.
  • Saves money! Now this is a no brainer…if you are keeping and reusing what you have you don't need to repurchase.  
  • Get your creative juices flowing! It takes some abstract thought to give something a completely different function while making it look good.

As you look around your house, there are endless possibilities for giving you a design facelift. Having trouble getting started? Need a little inspiration? Don't worry Stor-All has you covered! Check out some great repurposing ideas at

Proceed with caution repurposing can become extremely addicting!