On April 16th Stor-All Storage participated in TOMS “One Day Without Shoes” by showing their bare feet! Why did we bare our soles for this event? In 2007 TOMS launched an annual "One Day Without Shoes" event where participants do not wear shoes throughout the day in order to raise awareness for Toms' mission to clothe impoverished children. The idea is that children lacking access to education and good health struggle to break the poverty cycle.

740 million people worldwide affected by hookworm and something as simple as a pair of shoes could prevent this. In many developing countries shoes and uniforms are required for education, providing these tools to under privileged children can increase school attendance by 62%. The last piece of the awareness pie is to help raise children’s self-esteem! Confident, healthy children are more likely to stay in school and have better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Community involvement is a huge part of the Stor-All’s culture so going barefoot for one day was an awareness program we were proud to be a part of. Earlier this year we announced an internal community outreach initiative called Loc-all Good. Under the efforts of Loc-all Good Stor-All Storage encourages all of their employees to become more active in the communities around them while showing support to the things they feel matter most. To show how important this kind of involvement is Stor-All has decided to pay these employees for their time.

As a collective group, we are looking forward to many more opportunities to lend a hand…or a foot to the communities where we all live, work, and play!

Interested in what Loc-all Good is doing in your area? Check out our facebook page at www.facebook.com/locallgood