A good choice in storage is important even for your frosty beverages. With Cinco De Mayo around the corner nothing goes better with your chips and salsa than a perfect beer! Weather you are entertaining or enjoying your own private stash you want your beer to be the best quality possible. Its no accident that beer comes out the temperature it does, or that the foamy first sip it just right. How does one achieve this perfect beer? The secret is in the kegerator!

·Carbonation (yes there is carbonation in your beer)- A kegerator applies pressure using carbon dioxide on the keg to push out the beer rather than pulling out the beer like a hand pumped tap. Although carbon dioxide happens naturally in fermentation, this carbon dioxide tank allows for constant and even pressure to be applied to the keg while it's tapped. This helps maintain consistency with the carbonation.

·Stays Fresher Longer- One of the main benefits of a kegerator is it will keep beer fresh for a much longer period of time. Beer stored in a kegerator should stay fresh for a minimum of one month. With proper maintenance it can stay good for up to four months.

·Temperature- The most important facet in dispensing a perfect glass of beer is the temperature. This is another reason why a backyard keg just doesn't cut it. A keg in a kegerator is kept refrigerated making it effortless to regulate. Most beer is kept at about 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (2.2 to 4.4 Celsius), This can vary from beer to beer but luckily, so can your thermostat. Storing it at the wrong temperature can drastically affect the beers flavor.

Take it from some of our wine enthusiasts who store their most valuable bottles in our wine storage cellars. The right conditions for your beverages can make or break the whole experience. This Cinco De Mayo while you are throwing back an ice cold beer, think about all these factors that go into the delicious flavor!