Being part of a goodness driven self-storage family, Norbert knows not only how to be there for someone, but also how to organize a storage unit. He was able to show off his skills this past month when he lent his paw to help one of his new friends.

It all started a couple weeks ago when one of our long-term storage customers came into the office to add a new storage unit to her account. She saw Norbert sitting on the counter and commented on how cute he was. Since she was going through her things to sell at an upcoming estate sale, the manager at the facility mentioned how good Norbert is at giving packing and organizing advice. He offered Norbert to help her with her project and she greatly accepted him.

Over the next week, the manager noticed when he would check in on her progress that she had him sitting somewhere in her unit watching her open and sort boxes. She told the manager how she talks to him and he is helping her make some tough decisions on what she can get rid of after all these years. She also commented on what a great idea Norbert is, and what a positive impact he is having while she is reaching her goals.

The other day she let the manager in on another reason why Norbert is so special to her – he reminds her of her beloved pet Spice, who had passed a few years ago. She shared a photo of Spice with him and he agreed that it was easy to see the similarities between them.  She remarked on how good things seem to happen at the right time for the right reason. Norbert was such a comfort for her during a time that can be a bit overwhelming and it is nice to have someone to share the chore with! Norbert commented that he is enjoying spending time with her as well.

We are so happy that Norbert is bringing so much joy to the people he meets! Stay tuned for more get Norbert stories.