Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to think about where you will be storing all your school necessities while you’re on break. This can definitely seem overwhelming but with these helpful tips on self storage, you will be happy to know your belongings will be safe and secure all summer long.

  • Proximity/ Accessibility - Doing your homework and finding the most accessible storage facilities to your dorm or apartment will narrow down your choices. Keep in mind that the closest may not always be the best. You need to make sure the facility is clean, secure and is easily accessible.

  • Size Matters- You have found the perfect storage facility. Now, how much space do you really need? Speak with one of storage experts at the facility; they will be able to find the right size storage unit for your belongings. This will save you money by not getting a unit that is to large, and time by not getting a unit that is too small and having to move everything again.

  • Climate Control- If you are like most college students, you probably have electronics, photos, and clothes that may need a little extra TLC. Choosing a climate-controlled storage unit keeps your belongings safe from the summer heat as the central air-conditioning provides the ideal temperature for your stuff. This should put your mind at ease through the hot summer while you are away.

  • Pick the Right Moving Supplies – When storing your stuff, you want to make sure that you have all the essential moving supplies.  This will make your move much easier. You don't want to forget the bare necessities such as a marker to label everything, packing tape, bubble wrap, and durable cardboard boxes. Some things that are sometimes overlooked are mattress covers, and wardrobe boxes. Having these specific items will ensure the condition of your stuff.

  • Know What Can’t Be Stored– Plants, perishable food and flammable or toxic materials cannot be stored. Remember to remove batteries from electronics to avoid acid damage. This means Goldie the goldfish will have to go home with you.

  • Peace of Mind- Get a disk lock for extra security to your storage unit and breathe easy knowing that your facility is taking every measure to secure your space. Look for a facility that has security cameras and a coded gate to ensure you and your belongings will be safe.

Following these simple storage tips will make it easy to get on with your relaxing summer break!