When storing your belongings in a storage unit, believe it or not there is a method to the madness! Proper self storage techniques could be the difference between a working storage unit and a giant unmanageable mess. Many people who rent a self storage unit visit them on a regular basis, just as you would an office. Knowing the proper ways to store all your belongings will create a great functional space.

Proper organization starts before you even get to your new storage unit

1. Try to use boxes that are the same size. This will make them easier to stack. (Keep in mind that heavier boxes go on the bottom and lighter on the top.)

2. If you’re storing a lot of packing (cardboard) boxes in your unit, try to fill all of them to the top. If you cant fill them with the items you are storing just add padding like crumpled newspaper. This will keep the boxes from collapsing when they are stacked.

3. Label everything! You may think just writing “clothes” on each clothes box is enough but how will you remember which box has winter clothes and which has bathing suits? You don't want to pull out 6 boxes each time the seasons change. Be more specific, for example, label the clothes box as “Summer clothes: Hats and bathing suits”. This just brought your search down to one box.

Now you are ready to start loading your belonging into you storage unit.

1. Sort out your items into two categories. Things you will need constant access to and things you will not be accessing while it is in storage.

2. Start in one of the back corners. Once you have determined the items you will not be accessing start to place them in a back corner. Back corners are ideal for desks, large heavy boxes, dressers, bookshelves, appliances, etc.

3. Start stacking that corner with the largest and heaviest first. Then stack all pieces that will be stored the longest on top. It’s best to stack to the very top. Don't forget to put the heaviest on the bottom and breakables at the top.

4. Storing a mattress? Stand the mattresses on their side along other tall and long pieces. These will act as a reinforcing wall to all the pieces stacked in the back.

5. Now its time to think about the things you will be accessing frequently from your Storage unit. Decide carefully what to stack on top, based on how often you will need it.

6. Leave small walkways between the boxes in your unit so you can easily get to the items you want without having to reorganize.

Follow these simple packing tips and it will make your self storage unit a pleasure to access and visit! If you have any specific storing questions, our experts at any one of our self storage facilities will be able to help you.