Stor-All’s Contact Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida undergoes a major transformation.  

Stor-All Storage recently completed a month long renovation to their self storage contact center. The purpose of the project was to update their technology while creating better customer service. The 500 square foot contact center employs five agents and is located at Stor-All Storage’s corporate headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

The bulk of the improvements went into remodeling the contact center and updating their phone systems. The new Digium Switchvox phone’s gives them the ability to track and connects directly to their 44 self storage locations. Stor-All also evolved their CRM to improve their agents’ response times while learning more about their customers. Wendy Elliott, Director of the Contact Center, comments, “Our contact center is under a major cultivation!  Our continuous evolution of technology, paired with training and straight forward intention has drastically increased our speed of knowledge and reaction time to our customers. We continue to know more about our internal and external customers, areas of focus and the rewards that follow.”

Stor-All Storage also hired Mo Bellio, President of Call Center Training Solutions, to help improve their selling skills and customer service. Wendy Elliott, Director of the Contact Center, notes, “I was ready to take the contact center to a different level, from a culture of providing elite customer service, to a true sales center, that also happens to provide elite customer service. Mo was the person to guide us exactly where we needed to go. He broke down our calls, identify opportunities we were missing out on, and most importantly showed us how to sell with intent.”

Stor-All Storage is a goodness driven family business founded in 1967, operating 44 storage locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado from its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL. Stor-All is a fully integrated self storage company providing real estate brokerage, asset selection, underwriting, construction, development, property management and investor relations services to its individual investment partnerships.