Bidding on a unit may seem like a shot in the dark but there are some tell tale signs on what storage unit might be a goldmine.

  • Were the knick-knacks loving wrapped in bubble wrap?
  • Was the unit untouched by the owner before the auction?
  • Cleanliness is key
  • Are visual items are worthwhile?
  • Is it a climate-controlled unit?

So, you scoped out the units and you won the bid on your favorite one. Now what? The unit is not going to magically turn into money once it’s in your possession. You will have to do your homework! Getting what you deserve on these items could be night and day. That guitar signed by Kurt Cobain could be sold for $50 to little Billy down the street, or a million dollars to a collector! Here are a few tips to get top dollar for your storage treasures.

Visit experienced appraisers: If you do not already have a running relationship with different appraisers, make sure you contact someone who specializes in each specific item. In other words, take your diamonds to a jeweler and your old clock to an antiques appraiser or horologist.

Don't throw anything out until it is deemed worthless: As it has been proven time and time again, the things that may look like junk can bring in a high price. Who would have thought a tacky old skull clock could be worth thousands of dollars?

Know where to sell and when: Ebay may seem like the easy choice but imagine if you sold a piano? Are you going to deal with the headache of shipping this monstrosity? This type of item may do better at an auction house.

Don't overlook miscellaneous costs: To get a true return on your investment you need to remember that the U-Haul you rent does cost money, the shipping expenses add up, and some consignments and websites charge fees. Don't forget your time has a price too! What is the value of the man hours you are putting in?