I saw Norbert just the other day and he was carrying his latest photo album. He was so happy about his Disney trip that he could not wait to tell everyone all about it!

Scott and Norbert started out at Downtown Disney and Norbert immediately dragged Scott into the Candy Cauldron.  He tried to get Norbert to go easy on the spending, but he spent much of his allowance on candy.  Norbert was bouncing around so much that he failed to notice the Evil Queen from Snow White until she had him in her clutches.  Luckily, some shoppers came in for a big batch of poisoned candied apples and they made a hasty retreat.  Norbert wanted a few pictures by the hot air balloon, the House of Blues and Cirque du Soleil's La Nuoba show before they went into DisneyQuest and played video games until dark.

After all that excitement they braved the Haunted Mansion and Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Norbert decided that he really liked roller coasters and wanted Scott to take him to some other ones sometime soon.  Then they found a good spot to watch the Disney celebration parade.  After the parade they went into the new Fantasyland and Norbert tried to get a picture in front of Beauty and the Beast's castle, but the trees got in the way.  Luckily they caught Goofy and Donald Duck between acts at the circus and they were delighted to get a picture with Norbert - or as he announced himself  “Pooh's little brother” Norbert. 

One of Norbert's favorite non-rollercoaster ride was It's a Small World.  He was amazed at seeing all the places of the world on one trip!  He wanted to ride it again, but it was getting time for the fireworks show. Norbert said he had a fantastic time and so did Scott. 

The next day was a trip to Epcot Center! Norbert was fascinated by the big silver 'golf ball' at Epcot. They rode the re-envisioned Test Track and Norbert wanted to drive home in one of the new cars they were showcasing.  Scott reminded him he definitely did not have enough allowance to buy one of those. As much as Norbert enjoyed all the rides he said his favorite ride was Mission: Space.  Norbert was chosen to be the Pilot and he certainly took everyone on a wild ride into space. Lastly, they walked around the World Showcase and visited countries like China, Japan and Morocco.

Their final day of fun was at Hollywood Studios! Norbert is apparently a bit of a daredevil.  He wanted to go to the Rock-N-Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith first. The last ride of the day Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror. Norbert had such a good time with Scott that now he is asking him to take him to Six Flags Over Georgia.