Traditionally the 4th of July is famous for being a barbequing Holiday. What says summer fun better than gathering around all your family and friend and enjoying the great outdoors? If you plan on being the host for this great holiday, here are some tips to help you out!
Picking the perfect spot to have your festivities may be tricky. Are you planning on lighting off fireworks? Do you want to be somewhere that has a professional fireworks display? Once you know if you are hosting this at home or reserving a table at the park take some time to plan out the festivities around the fireworks schedule. You may want to call ahead to see what amenities the venue offers. In some cases you may be supplying your own table and grills.
There is no need to get fancy, traditional grilling food is what everyone is looking forward to. Luckily you can cook many different items at once. Stick with hotdogs, hamburgers, ribs, or chicken. Once you have the main course don't put away the grill just yet. Throw on some corn, potatoes, and garlic bread. It wont hurt to have a few more side dishes floating around like salad.
Snacking is the hot summer sun will also be something to think about. Try to have items that can cool your guests down like watermelon or frozen cocktails. Toss out a few bags of chips and dip and you will keep everyone satisfied. Its always nice to have some decorative sweets as well, maybe some American flag cookies? Finally, what BBQ would be complete without an array of ice-cold beer to share? Stock up those coolers!
The 4th of July is one of the most popular holidays for patriotic decorations. A tablecloth or some fun streamers could really add some flair to your BBQ. Keep in mind you will need plenty of paper plates and napkins so why not grab some red with and blue ones. Even the food you serve can be part of the décor. Have strawberry lemonade or a red, white, and blue cake for dessert.
Even though just making this a social event will be fun it’s nice to have some other entertainment around. A stereo or the option for swimming might keep it lively. Setting up some outside games like corn hole or ultimate Frisbee will really bring people together.
Having a BBQ event such as this could become costly. An easy way to minimize cost as well as time is try having your BBQ be a potluck of sorts. Ask your guests to bring something like a stack of paper plates or some potato salad. If you are sending out invites suggest that this BBQ will be BYOB so that you will not have to guess what everyone will like.