Stor-All Self Storage is proud to be a company filled with people who strive to be an asset to their local community. This has been proven time and time again with all of their Loc-all Good efforts.

Since our launch of the Loc-all Good program in April, Ed Burrows has run for a different cause each and every month! Not only is he doing his part but he is also a very skilled runner and has racked up a few medals. He recently entered a drawing on Facebook to win a medal rack for his home. 3 times he entered the contest and three times he was out of luck.

After knowing that he had not won on Facebook a package arrived at our Stor-All Storage facility in Stuart, Florida. This package was not for the store, it had Ed’s name on it! He opened it up to and to his surprise, it was the medal rack! He looked around the package and all he found was an anonymous note stating “Ed you are a true inspiration and we need more people like you in the world”. Signed, an anonymous friend. Ed said he just could not control his emotions! He could never imagine that someone could do that for him.

This is an honest example of giving for the joy of giving! This great story just proves what Stor-All has been saying all along, doing good is contagious!