It’s no secret that Kim and Kanye have had some serious life changes recently. Having a new baby and building a new home for your family are some of the top reasons people need self storage today. In light of the couples exciting changes reports that the couple is utilizing 3 storage units as they await the completion of their new home.

SpareFoot, the world’s largest marketplace for self-storage are to thank for giving the couple this much needed space. They are offering these new parents one year’s worth of storage with a value of $1,000.

One might be asking themselves, why give free space to someone can clearly afford it? Being in the self-storage industry we know the kind of stress and complications that come along with huge life changes such as this. Being a couple in the spotlight definitely does not make this any easier. I think a reminder to our potential tenants that we understand their unique situations is important. We are excited to celebrate with them or even offer a shoulder to cry on. Don’t let this one unique donation blind you to the many charitable causes SpareFoot and many other self storage companies take part in. Who knows? Maybe this act of charity will spark something in the happy couple and they will pay it forward!

SpareFoot CEO, Chuck Gordon, states, “We realize Kim and Kanye can easily afford to rent storage space. However, as a way to congratulate them on their new bundle of joy and to help ease the transition into their new home, SpareFoot is extending this storage offer to the proud new parents”.

This is not the first philanthropic endeavor brought on by self storage companies. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” Stor-All Storage is a firm believer in lending a helping hand. Making a difference through our volunteer efforts Is a big part of the Stor-All Self Storage culture.
Through our Loc-all Good efforts and the lovable Norbert we try to make a difference to those around us. Even the smallest acts can change the world! Thank you to all that make a contribution in your own communities. Congratulations Kim and Kanye!

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