It’s that time of year again…no I don't mean football season; we are talking about the one and only Shark Week!! Seven full days of shark attacks and fun facts are finally here. Our little Norbert is a huge fan of Shark Week and in lieu of this action packed week he has derived a system to make sure you celebrate the right way.

Where to watch Shark Week for your optimum viewing pleasure:
Plenty of people may be throwing elaborate parties or meeting at the bar but Norbert’s favorite spot to enjoy Shark Week is from the safety of his own home. With such a high intensity story line why chance missing a moment of it? Norbert says it is a total party foul to TIVO even a minute of it. So, if you are a Shark Week fanatic like Norbert you better commit.

Satisfying your big Norbert sized appetite:
Of course you will have your shark bite gummies and a large bowl of goldfish crackers but that wont keep for belly full throughout the whole week. Norbert loves filling his snack table with popcorn shrimp, fresh sushi, and peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches. Finally what party would be complete without shark fin cupcakes and a cooler full of ice-cold Landshark beer?

What to wear for a week of hard core couch time:
Norbert says he never watches Shark Week without his favorite footie shark pajamas, they keep his bear paws toasty warm. If you are not so lucky to have a fancy pajama set, any lounge clothes will do. Once you are in your comfy clothes do not forget your safety blanket to keep you safe! No one wants to be caught in the middle of a crazy shark attack moment without the option to cover their eyes.

Know your shark facts:
Make sure you have brushed up on all your shark facts before you sit down with all your besties. How lame will it look if you are the only one who does not know how many rows of teeth the great white has? Norbert only parties with hardcore Sharkies so make sure you are ready.

With Norbert being such a Shark Week enthusiast he will be covering it all week. Stay tuned for more great tips and fun stories for the ultimate Shark Week!