With Shark Week coming to an end, you may be overwhelmed with all the great stuff you learned. Not to worry…Norbert has a quick recap of some important facts.

  • There is no chance of a Megalodon encounter
  • Cape Cod is the summer home for Great White shark
  • The famous “voodoo” shark is really a Bull shark
  • Great Whites like it rough. The great white male sharks bite the fins of the females when mating.
  • The only way to survive a shark attack is luck.
  • The Cookie Cutter shark bite leaves a cookie shaped circle on its prey.
  • Stay out of the water on October 2014 as the serial killer shark may strike again.
  • Don’t let the Goblin shark fool you! Its hidden jaw leaves a gruesome bite.
  • To avoid a shark attack, always have your homemade shark repellent with you. Two parts dead shark, one part salt water.
  • You are more likely to die from a falling coconut than a shark attack.

If by the end of this sharktastic week you are not the shark enthusiast that Norbert is, you have 365 days to get ready for Shark Week 2014!