Being able to reuse items in your home is not only environmentally friendly, it is also a huge money saver! Did you know that a common milk jug could serve as a one stop shop for your garden? Check out these 5 easy ways to reuse your old milk jugs.

Protect those seedlings: If you are planning on sowing some new seeds this year why not keep them safe with a milk jug? To get started, just cut of the bottom section of the jug and place it over your new plant. Use the lid for extra protection however, if it is a very hot day you can remove it for cool air to circulate. Don't forget to reseal the cap after the sun goes down.

Water Less: Looking to leave the house for a few days? Maybe you are just plain tired of watering everyday. A milk jug makes a perfect irrigation system. All you have to do is punch several tiny holes into the bottom of the jug. Make sure the holes are very small so that the water will drip slowly. Drop a few rocks in the bottom to hold it in place and fill it with water. Place the jug next to the plants that need to be watered.

Disposable Shovel: Having a shovel, or maybe even several is a must for the garden. With a simple milk jug you can now have one for birdseed, potting soil, fertilizer, and compost! Use a 1/2 gallon milk jug, with its cap. The handle will be the top of your scoop. Using an xacto or utility knife, cut diagonally around the jug until you have a nice scoop shape.

Seed Starting Pallets: Need a place to start your seeds? Why waste money on a pallet when you can make it? Take a milk jug and cut it 2 or 3 inches from the bottom.  Next poke some holes in the bottom for drainage. Last, fill with soil, and you have a perfect seed starting pallet. To keep moisture in, you can keep the top of the jug and simply set it back over the planted seeds.

Watering Can:Watering cans are a necessity but no needs to run out and buy a fancy one. For this you will need a gallon milk jug with the cap. Take the cap from the jug and poke several small holes in the top. Fill the jug with water and put the lid back on. For best results do not fill the jug all the way.