When a child gets sick, one of the first things the doctors do is check their vitals. This can sometimes be tricky as kids don’t understand why the doctor is putting a thermometer it their ear or attaching a sensor on their figure to take other vitals. Being at the doctors is scary enough for any kid and can cause them to get stressed out. The stress that the child is under can cause the vital signs to be skewed.

The founders of IDerma, came up with the perfect solution to keep your kids clam while taking more accurate vitals. The solution, Teddy the Guardian, a soft teddy bear that has been installed with sensors that measures heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature. These are taken by just putting a figure on the paw of the teddy bear. The comfort of a teddy bear allows the child to relax and be in a neutral emotional state in return giving more accurate information compared to when they are upset.

Once the vitals are taken, the data is then sent to the parent’s smart phone in real time. This is not only good for the doctors but for the parents as well. Now a parent can keep track and monitor their kid’s vitals without having to take them. Parents can now know the well being and stress levels of their child.

At Stor-All, we use Norbert the Bear as a way of comfort in the same way as Teddy the Guardian. Many of our self storage customers go though major life transitions, which is very emotional and stressful. The comfort of a teddy bear helps gives them the emotional support they may need. We feel that Teddy the Guardian is a great way to use a teddy bear in the medical field to help doctors and parents get better information about our children.