Dorm living is unlike any other. You will be sharing a room, most likely with someone you don't know and it will be close quarters. To keep from going into total shock there are a few great tips that will surely come in handy!

Mini fridges: Not just for beer anymore
A mini fridge will help you keep a few snacks and drinks on hand so you don't need to spend a fortune going out every time you want a caffeine fix. Also, having a place to keep something cold will keep you from living off Twinkies and Cheetos.

Shower shoes: Worth every penny!
Until you have used a community showering facility, you will never fully appreciate the power of shower shoes. No one wants to have grimier feet than they had before the shower! The walk back to your room is gross enough without dancing around in the same shower as 100 other kids used that day.

Pack a fan: No one ever agrees on temperature
Having an argument about opening and closing the window 3 times a day will get old in no time. Even married couples argue about temperature but I doubt your roommate will be as understanding. A small fan can keep you two friends at least past the first week.

Power strips: No such thing as too many!
Virtually every dorm on the planet needs about 10 extra outlets on hand. Think about it…laptop, mini fridge, lamp, cell phone, coffee maker, alarm clock, second alarm clock…I think you see my point.

Know how to store: This could be a covert operation
A dorm is normally a big square room making it hard to come up with adequate storage space. You are going to have to get crafty! Why not try bed risers to get some boxes under your bed? Hanging storage could really save space as well.

Tools: How else can you hang pictures?
If Pauly Shore is your resident advisor you are better off having all the tools you need handy. Putting together new shelves, or hanging a do not disturb sign will be very difficult if you don't have a simple screwdriver.

Security blanket: You don't want to run home just yet!
You may be thinking that Miss Pricilla Pig does not belong at college but believe me you will be happy to see her! Drastic changes like moving from home can be a lot easier with a few happy reminders.