With there being so much meaning wrapped up in your special day its common to over do it! Now that the “I do’s” have been said you look around and notice a sea of post wedding relics that need to be addressed. Where do you even begin? We have a few tips to guide you while you decide what to store and what to let go.



Flowers don't last forever but you may want to dry your wedding bouquet as a keepsake.  There are plenty of shadow boxes available to showcase these. As for the gazillion leftover flower arrangements you can donate them to a charity like Random Acts of Flowers. These organizations will pick up and deliver flowers to places like hospitals and nursing homes. This can really bring a smile to someone’s face and helps you discard them quickly. Most of these charities will even pick them up so plan ahead.


Extra Invites:

Keeping a few of these could become great wall décor or scrapbook material however; no one needs to keep 100 of them! If your invites have a blank side use them to write notes on as scrap paper. If you cant write on them try cutting them into bookmarks or packing filler. Standard recycling is always an option.



Keeping your dress is a no brainer. Most brides are very attached to their dress and would like to pass it down to a family member. When storing your dress it is never a good idea to place it in a bag. Going with an acid free preservation box is ideal. Make sure to keep in in a climate-controlled area. Use an acid-free or pH-neutral box. A sturdy paperboard box will do the trick and allow the gown to breathe. Some boxes even have a window for displaying. Remember to keep the dress out of direct light, which can yellow the fabric over time.



Keeping your bridal magazines and wedding planner are a great memory on how you got down the isle. It is always fun to share with your friends as they plan their special day. Why don't you try displaying your magazines as décor spine out on a bookshelf? As for your planner this may do better in climate-controlled storage.



If you liked it enough to decorate your wedding with it you like it enough to use as art at home. A few pieces here and there are nice around the house. If you have a large excess you can sell your items via the web. Many wedding sites have a buy and sell market. This is great for making a little cash back while helping out a new bride.



Wedding favors may come in handy for another event so storing those could be beneficial. If you just cant stand to keep them, make sure your guests take as many as possible at the wedding and then sell the leftovers with your décor. If it is perishable you may need to donate it with the rest of the leftover food.