Stor-All’s companywide rebranding consists of a new tagline – “Personally Yours.” The new tagline portrays the company’s image and beliefs.

Deerfield Beach, Florida, February 13, 2013 – Stor-All Storage has recently launched its rebranding campaign with the new tagline “Personally Yours.” This tagline has been added to the traditional purple and green Stor-All Storage logo and also serves as a standalone logo on Stor-All uniforms, apparel and accessories.

Managing Partner, Jeff Anderson, commented on why Stor-All chose this tagline, prior to the official affirmation of the tagline “Personally Yours,” “Our original tagline reflected our promise to help our guests solve their life challenges by providing authentic service and Clean, Friendly and Convenient storage solutions. While this tagline has served us well we couldn’t help but note that similar variations of the phrase “Clean, Friendly and Convenient” have become commonplace in the self storage industry. This led to our decision to create a new tagline.”

The following statement is Stor-All’s definition of “Personally Yours.” Stor-All Storage is about more than clean, friendly and convenient, it’s about people – people who need a hand as they go through major life transitions and we mean both ourselves and our customers. The tagline “personally yours” makes it clear that Stor-All cares about each individual, and offers personalized customer service that isn’t typical in any industry let alone the storage industry. The warmth of the line provides emotional support for Stor-All’s promise: We give ourselves to our staff and to our customers, and make a personal commitment to everything we do. With this one short, simple statement, Stor-All says that it is “personally” invested in everything that’s “yours.”

Stor-All Storage is a goodness driven family business founded in 1967, operating 43 storage locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado from its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL. Stor-All is a fully integrated self storage company providing real estate brokerage, asset selection, underwriting, construction, development, property management and investor relations services to its individual investment partnerships.