Michelle, manager of Roswell Stor-All Self Storage location, volunteered at the Child Development Association (CDA) center, located in Roswell, Georgia as part of loc-all good. The CDA provides affordable early learning programs and childcare for preschool children of low-income families in the metro Atlanta area.

During her volunteer effort at the CDA, she read books to a class of 20 kids ages 3 to 4. Before she started story time, she showed them Norbert the bear and told them a brief story about him and his adventures with Stor-All!  Since Norbert is a bear, Michelle decided to read a story called Little Bear’s Little Boat. This book is about a bear that outgrew his red boat and how much he loved it! One day he could no longer fit in his favorite boat so he set out to find a little bear he could give it to. The children really enjoyed the story and were happy Michelle was there to read it to them.

After story time Michelle and the kids got to play outside for recess, they colored pictures, made paper airplanes, and worked on tying their shoelaces! At the end of the day Michelle gave them each a Norbert to take home as a surprise. The kid’s faces lit up with giant smiles as each of them received their Norbert. Michelle enjoyed her time at the CDA and was thrilled she was able to help bring a little excitement to these kids day.