Stor-All is a third-generation goodness-based family business that has been a leader in the self-storage business since the beginning of the industry.

Predating even the self-storage industry, Stor‑All has engaged in the development and operation of self-storage properties for over 50 years. With roots in a company founded in 1957, by two brothers, Norman and Robert Anderson. Anderson Construction built a reputation for quality building hundreds of homes and commercial buildings.

In the late 1960s, the Andersons were among the first to construct self-storage properties, which they found met consumer demand for low-cost, short-term storage solutions. As a result, they founded Stor‑All in 1967 to manage the self-storage properties built by Anderson Construction.

The two companies merged under the Stor-All name in 1986. After the merger, the founders’ sons, Jeff and Larry Anderson, who from an early age were exposed to every aspect of the self-storage business, guided Stor-All to be one of the largest privately held storage companies in the United States.

In 2013, Stor‑All made the decision to sell 44 of its properties to Public Storage.  At that time, it was the second largest private transaction in self-storage history. Following the transaction Stor‑All and Public Storage joined into a partnership to jointly develop, operate and own self-storage properties that continues to this day.  Under the leadership of Stor‑All’s third generation, the partnership with Public Storage has delivered the latest generation of high-quality self-storage properties into major markets across the country.

Stor‑All’s goal is to continue take advantage of opportunities in the storage industry to develop new properties and build and maintain a strong presence in the Self-Storage Industry for the next generation.

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